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Visa Extensions

Looking to extend your stay in Indonesia? We can help you choose the best solution for your needs.

Social Visit Visa

With this social visa (social and cultural visa) you can enter Indonesia once, and stay up to 60 days. And, it can be extended while you are here in Bali, or anywhere else in Indonesia 3 times (each extension is valid for 30 days).

Single Entry Business Visa

Business visa is for 60 days and can be renewed up to 4 times


Multiple Entry Business Visa

Multiple Entry Visa is a good solution to come to Bali often and stay for a time up to to 60 days. Perfect for business exploratory.


KITAS stands for Kartu Izin Tinggal Terbatas. It is a limited stay permit or a temporary residency permit that is valid for six months to one year.


Indonesia’s permanent stay visa. 

As a corporate client, I was spending far too many time keeping receipts, invoices and other bookeeping documents on records and entering data onto Excel files to provide quarterly to accountants.
This was time consuming and was little value added work while we wanted to allocate more time to business development.
We did not not have the ability to run analitics on our spendings nor having decentralised reporting ability for the entire team which is located in various continents.
As a prospective company in Indonesia, Core has provide us with a solid knowledge of the country business environment and a flawless experience in supporting a local partnership so that we could promote our business in the country.
I was feeling that we had a major gap in the way we were in control of our spending analitics and we were unable to build prediction of our development.
n the Indonesian business development side, that challenge was simply making our entry in the country difficult.
I an entire sector of worry for us simply deseapeared and our leadership team can focus on key task.
CORE has removed a pain point. Spot on.
CORE has generated genuine opportunities for business in our consulting line.
“Those guys are the most serious and efficient you can find around, and, and, the most important, absolutely incoruptible and with integrity standards beyond expectation”
We would absolutely recommend anybody to use their services
Pol PALACIOS | Co-Founder - Chairman & CEO


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