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I was lucky enough to have CORE on board with my business process from the very start. Opening a business internationally is two full time jobs to start with, and managing and understanding all of the red tape it takes to get a business established and running LEGALLY would have made it 3 full time Jobs. While in the grind of renovating our location, marketing, testing coaching strategies, and hiring and managing employees I frequently wondered if I would have even survived doing the legal red tape on my own. I certainly would not have been able to get everything done as fast as I did with CORE. ReadyFit Indonesia was open for business 9 months after we officially started the process, and it could have been done in 6 if we hadn’t taken a 3 month trip out of the country. Throughout that time CORE was professional, available, and well versed on the timeline and process of establishing my business legally. They even sent someone to our city multiple times to meet with our local notaris and to help me understand how to pay taxes and report to local offices. Do yourself a favor and let CORE help you get your business established so that you can spend your energy making it profitable. 

Jo Coss

Owner, Ready Fit Indonesia

I had tried to start my business alone to try and save the money. I quickly learned I was in way over my head and my business and visa were not in compliance with the latest Indonesian laws. Core Solutions guided me through the process and got me up to date and even helped me open my second location within 3 months!  

George T

As a corporate client, I was spending far too much time keeping receipts, invoices and other book Keeping documents on records and entering data onto Excel files to provide quarterly to accountants.

This was time consuming and was little value added work while we wanted to allocate more time to business development.

We did not not have the ability to run analitics on our spendings nor having decentralised reporting ability for the entire team which is located in various continents.

As a prospective company in Indonesia, Core has provide us with a solid knowledge of the country business environment and a flawless experience in supporting a local partnership so that we could promote our business in the country.

I was feeling that we had a major gap in the way we were in control of our spending analitics and we were unable to build prediction of our development.

On the Indonesian business development side, that challenge was simply making our entry in the country difficult.

I an entire sector of worry for us simply deseapeared and our leadership team can focus on key task.

CORE has removed a pain point. Spot on. CORE has generated genuine opportunities for business in our consulting line.

“Those guys are the most serious and efficient you can find around, and, and, the most important, absolutely incoruptible and with integrity standards beyond expectation”

We would absolutely recommend anybody to use their services



Co-Founder - Chairman & CEO, XWELLS

We were facing huge challenge understanding the system for a foreigner to open a business in Indonesia.

My family and I were very stressed and overwhelmed. We seemed to be hearing lots of different answers depending on which government office we were reporting with.
We reached out to the CORE team and they stepped in and provide relief and clarity to the process.
Now we have a business that is currently thriving and supporting visas for not only myself and my family but also my business partner.
Partnering with CORE was well worth the investment and we are very satisfied with the service of CORE Solutions.
It’s a blessing working with CORE.


Jimmy Boyd

President Director, Radiant Life Excurstions

We run a non-profit that focuses on implementing programs for clean water, mobility assistance for persons with disabilities, education for children in villages and other social work programs in Indonesia.  We have been very successful in finding funding for material costs to run our programs; however, finding donors willing to support overhead and operational costs (salaries for local staff, rent for office, transportation costs, etc.) has proved to be a big challenge.  This was disheartening because there seems to be a lack of understanding that without salaries for staff to implement programs or transportation to travel to villages, these programs would not be possible.  
We were excited to hear about Core Solutions’ program to come along side of non-profits to find donors willing to support social projects in Indonesia.  After meeting with Core staff and explaining our specific challenge, they were able to find a donor who was willing to partially fund some of the overhead costs for our non-profit for the 2019 calendar year.  We are hopeful that this donor will continue to see the importance of our programs and establish a long term relationship and continue to provide funding for both overhead and direct project costs.  
We have come to realize that our staff’s gifting is implementing programs in villages well.  We don’t have the capacity to both implement programs and search for donors to support these programs.  It seemed crazy at the time that an organization existed that was willing to bridge the gap for us in a manner that was in line with our vision. But that was exactly what Core Solutions did for us; as an outside consultant, they were able to fill a void that existed in our organization and allow us to focus on the programs that brought us to Indonesia in the first place.  Without Core Solutions, we would have never come in contact with this donor and would have still been struggling to piece together funding for this year.  Instead we have been able to focus on the successful implementation of these programs without having the additional stress of figuring out where funding was going to come from.  
In our case a conversation turned into the realization of additional funding for specific needs for our non-profit.  I would recommend others to at least start a conversation with Core and see where it takes you.



Branch Director, Access Life Lombok

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