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CORE provides development support services for local and international clients seeking to own and operate a business in Southeast Asia. We provide assistance with business formation, registration, government compliance, visa acquisition, back ofice support as well as ongoing consulting services.

CORE Solutions makes operating a business in Indonesia easier for you and your business. We believe that well-developed businesses will create a better future for Indonesia. Our goal, assisting you create and implement strategies that expand your market opportunities.


Our accountants will work with your staff to take your manual transaction entries and convert them into easy to track records which you can follow on-line. This provides more time to tasks that grow your business.

Monthly Audit

The audit service provides peace of mind for those who do not live in country full time or those who are not comfortable with accounting practices. This service also provides healthy accountability for your staff.

Business Planning

Our team will work with your business to help you get a clear picture of where you are at as a business and how to move forward with clear action steps. Core strategies assist your business to increase productivity.

As a corporate client, we were spending far too many hours keeping receipts, invoices and other bookeeping documents on file and entering data onto Excel files to provide quarterly statements to accountants.  This was time consuming and added little value. We wanted to allocate more time to business development and less time to data capture. We did not not have the ability to run analitics on our spendings. As a business operating on various continents we operated a decentralized reporting system. Core provided assistance to integrate our approach and centralize operations.
As a business marketing services in Indonesia, Core provided us with a solid knowledge of the country business environment.  By implementating a flawless approach, we engaged local partnerships so that we could promote our business effectively. Core designed strategies eliminating  major gaps in the way we controled our marketing.  “An entire sector of worry for us simply deseapeared and our leadership team began to focus on key tasks.”
“Those guys are the most serious and efficient you can find around, and, the most important, absolutely incoruptible and with integrity standards beyond expectation.”
Pol PALACIOS | Co-Founder - Chairman & CEO


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